Fortnite World Cup 2019


Fortnite World Cup is the most foreseen E-sports occasion of 2019 with a prize pool of $100 million. This is the maximum prize cash in an E-sports event in 2019. Epic Games, the game developer is going to organize this competition.

While the World Cup is reserved to occur in 2019, the qualifiers started in the month of September to December of 2018.

In contrast to different competitions, Epic Games has reported that for this occasion they won’t sell any franchises and groups and participation will be altogether merit-based.

Indeed, even before the genuine competition occurs, the engineers have committed a few errors that caused disappointment among Fortnite’s expert players.

They composed a passing round on one of the most conspicuous American occasions—Thanksgiving. This caused a great deal of reaction from the players. During the qualifiers, they likewise included game things like the “Vastness Blade” weapon, which gave an out of line bit of leeway to any individual who had it.

Be that as it may, these things won’t influence the prominence of the game, which saw exceptional accomplishment in 2018. Additionally, regardless of these incidents, the competition still remains the most-foreseen occasion as a result of the tremendous prize.

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